Savage Air Flow Tech Table

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Savage Air Flow Tech Table  



The Savage Air Flow Tech Table™ line of tether tables was specifically designed for photographers shooting tethered to their computer, in the studio or on-site. The Air Flow Tech Table™ solution provides a stable base for any laptop to be securely used, for extended periods of time.

With 46 precision-cut ventilated slots and quality aluminum construction, the Air Flow Tech Table™ quickly releases and dissipates any heat generated from laptops and batteries into the surrounding environment, allowing for longer use, without the worry of a damaged or overheated computer.

The Tech Table quickly mounts to any standard tripod or light stand with the included universal mounting plate.

Savage Air Flow Tech Table size : 40cm x 46.9cm (15.75" x 18.5")


High grade Aluminum naturally draws heat away from laptop via Thermal Conduction.

Maximized Aluminum surface area provides more effective cooling.

Ventilation slots allow heat generated from laptops to quickly escape into environment.

Velcro Laptop Secure Strap firmly anchors any laptop tp the Air Flow Tech Table.

Over 45 Ventilation Slots allow for maximum heat dispersal.

Easly Mounts to any standard tripod or light stand with attached Universal mount plate.

Extremely durable, matte black, scratch resistant finish.

Modular "Snap In" design allows for easy install of multiple accessories.

Camera Mount
Provides a stable platform for any tripod head with quick release plate (sold separately). Saftely attach camera when not in use, also ideal fixture for repetitive tethered photo shoots.

Dual Drink/ Lens Holder
Provides quick and easy access of lenses & drinks.

Hard Drive & Item Storage
Provide for quick and easy storage of external hard drives and other item you may need to be able to access quickly and easily.
Measures 11.4 cm x 13.9 cm x 20.3 cm (4.5" x 5.5" x 8")

Laptop Secure Strap
Firmly anchors laptop to Air Flow Tech Table

Extended Mouse Pad Platform
Allows for additonal space for use of external mouse. Simply snap into place, and increase the amount of space available for your external mouse

Cable Hook
Keeps long cables neatly looped & organized.

Universal Hex Mount
Attaches Air Flow Tech Table to any tripod, light stand or boom.

Weather Proof Outdoor Glare Tent
Protect computer from sun's glar for easier visibility & is water resistant to protect against rainy weather when outdoors.

Writing Platform
Quickly converts Air Flow Tech Table to a solid writing platform

Utility Hook
Provides a convenient hanging fixture for bags and more.

Velcro Cable & Wire Ties
Keep any external cables neatly routed (10pk)


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